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IBM Power 550 Overview

Highlights * For UNIX®, IBM i (formerly known as i5/OS®) and Linux® ERP/CRM application servers * For mid-size database servers * For consolidation of UNIX, IBM i, and x86 Linux workloads * For medium to large-sized businesses running the IBM i operating system The IBM Power™ 550 Express delivers the outstanding performance of the POWER6™ […]

IBM Power 520 Overview

Highlights * For distributed UNIX®, IBM i (formerly known as i5/OS®) and Linux® ERP/CRM application servers * For small database servers * For small scale consolidation servers for UNIX, IBM i and Linux workloads * For a complete business system with an integrated database and application server As a distributed application server, the IBM Power™ […]

Spectrum recommends IBM Compliance Expert for AIX security…

Highlights * Easily set dozens of AIX security configuration settings to match external compliance standards * Includes profiles with recommended system settings for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and the US Department of Defense Security Technical Implementation Guide * Simple command line interface minimizes training requirements and administrative workload * Reports that simplify […]

Spectrum reduces power costs with Active Energy Manager

Overview IBM® Systems Director Active Energy Manager™ Version 4.2 measures, monitors, and manages the power and thermal components built into IBM systems enabling a cross-platform management solution. Active Energy Manager extends the scope of energy management to include non-IBM systems and facility providers to enable a more complete view of energy consumption within the datacenter. […]

IBM Systems Director… need help? Contact Spectrum

IBM Systems Director® 6.1 is the single point of control to manage your data center. It integrates IBM’s best-of-breed virtualization capabilities to provide new and radically improved ways to simplify the management of physical and virtual platform resources. A key feature of Systems Director is a consistent user interface focused on driving common tasks. IBM […]

Trusted AIX – Call us to secure your AIX platform today!

Introduction to Trusted AIX Trusted AIX® enhances the security of the standard AIX operating system by providing for label-based-security capabilities within the operating system. Trusted AIX label-based environment can be installed by choosing the install time options. If you install Trusted AIX, you will not be able to go back to a regular AIX environment […]

GPFS v3.3.0.3 now available

Announcing the availability of the service level for all GPFS v3.3 products. The service level is available at: GPFS download site This service level addresses the below issues. This is not a definitive list as other minor corrections have been made which are not listed here. * On x86_64 Linux when special encoding flag […]

IBM Power Systems Announcement Overview Oct 09

Power Systems Announcements Highlights Systems for a smarter planet: A workload optimized approach to system design, management and delivery: Virtualization Introducing the next generation of virtualization management with VMControl Enterprise Edition Extending IBM i SAN, integrated storage, and storage virtualization options Enabling lower cost consolidation & virtualization with Fibre Channel over Ethernet Business Resiliency Manage […]

IBM PowerVM Active Memory Sharing

IBM PowerVM™ provides industrial-strength virtualization for Power Systems™ servers running AIX®, IBM i, and Linux® operating systems. PowerVM now features Active Memory Sharing, the technology that allows you to intelligently exchange memory between running partitions for increased optimization of physical memory resources. Active Memory Sharing enables the sharing of a pool of physical memory among […]

AIX 6.1 Workload Partitions

If you are a systems administrator who is responsible for care and feeding of IBM® System p™ servers, you are probably familiar with virtualization and server consolidation using logical partitions (LPARs). Using the Hardware Management Console (HMC) or the Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM), you can quickly define a new LPAR, install AIX® or Linux®, configure […]